A Church of idols?

I made it a point during the long, acrimonious days leading up to Nov. 8 to remain largely silent on social media regarding anything political (with a few exceptions).

My reasons were two-fold – 1) social media by its very limited nature can easily lead to “reading between the lines,” and enable people to draw conclusions or make judgments that simply are not true, and 2) since I surrendered my life to Jesus as Lord in 1977, I have never been tempted to hang the security of my existence on any person or leader, because my Leader remains in place.

Now that the voting is behind us, I must confess my deep sadness and grief at how I observed many confessing Christians (on every side!) thinking and behaving.  We have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to blatantly racist statements, clearly misogynistic attitudes, disregard for human rights, disdain for the rule of law, rejection of the right of the unborn to life, outright lies and manipulation of truth – all in the name of political advantage.  Shame on us all.

The Church is called to be the presence of the living God in this world.  I fear we in the U.S. have failed our matchless Savior by conveniently forgetting the call of the Gospel of the Kingdom.  A kingdom not of this world. A kingdom characterized by citizens whose chief right is the right of denying yourself and taking up your cross.

We have done and said things that I believe have dishonored the one we call King, disregarding the example of his life and the power of his message. We have shown bloodthirst for power – a power, by the way, that our King flatly refused to grab.

Whatever commands your deepest loyalty, your most cherished devotion – that is your god.  We are a Church of idols that we believe will best serve us, will give us the comfort we are sure we deserve.  God have mercy on us all.

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