Welcome to A Different View

Welcome to the online world of my thoughts on life.

It would be reasonable to wonder why you should check out this blog, seeing as there are more great sites than any person could ever have time to read!  Good question.

You may read it because you know me.  You may find a link from the website of our church, First Evangelical Free Church of McKeesport, Pa.  You may make a mistake and land here thinking you were heading somewhere else. You may be intrigued by the blog title.

Whatever the reason you’re here, welcome. I hope you might find something here worth reading, something that may spark a new thought or perspective, something that encourages or challenges.

The basis for my thoughts on life come from Jesus, who declared, “I am way, and the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6). I find in Jesus a unique way of understanding life, of interacting with – and loving – people, and of guiding people to know what real life is all about.

Hope you’ll read and send any comments that will help me, too, see A Different View.

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